One small box with all the eDiscovery technology you need.

KLDiscovery’s mobile solution, Nebula Portable™, is fast, thorough and ready to be deployed wherever you need it. On-site or remote, KLD can support Nebula Portable™ based on individual client or case needs.

Your rapid response tool.

KLDiscovery’s mobile solution is ready to go where you are.

By choosing to use Nebula Portable™, you gain the expertise of KLDiscovery’s forensic investigators, eDiscovery consultants and case managers who are familiar with local laws, languages and cultural issues. Our global network allows us to deliver international solutions without compromising on local knowledge.

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Designed with data protection in mind.

Cross-border data. 

Reduce the need for cross-border data transfers as data protection regulations grow more demanding.

Proactive investigations.

Conduct full-scale investigative work without removing data from an organisation or country.

Protect your data.

Easily segregate and filter personally identifiable, sensitive or privileged data to prevent unwanted disclosure.

More than just eDiscovery.

Nebula Portable™ is also used for data preservation, data remediation and records management.

  • Identify data according to legal hold or business-use relevance
  • Index and analyse data to be retained in preservation repositories
  • Isolate data for deletion, redaction or amendment
  • Dispose of flagged data defensibly
  • Test the effectiveness of records retention practices

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is this a litigation tool?
Yes, but it’s also much more than that. It gives users the ability to streamline proactive compliance reviews, internal investigations and rapidly respond to regulatory requests.

Will you travel to my office?
We go where your data is – no location is too remote for us. We have experts around the world who are familiar with local laws, languages and cultural issues.

Does this tool comply with data protection and privacy rules?
Absolutely. KLDiscovery’s mobile eDiscovery solution complies with GDPR among other international regulations.

Can you do more than collect and process data with this?
With this mobile solution, we can conduct full-scale investigative work without removing data from the organisation or country.

Can I also review data on-site?
Yes! You can review your data on-site with Nebula Portable™.