Seize the Opportunity to Build a Thriving eDiscovery Business

The value of the global eDiscovery market is projected to reach $18+ billion by 2030.

eDiscovery continues to grow exponentially with no indications of slowing down.

The eDiscovery industry remains highly fragmented with tremendous investment opportunities for serial entrepreneurs, eDiscovery business development professionals and adjacent businesses. The challenge is how these entrepreneurs and businesses address significant expenses on software licenses, IT security and business and operational expertise required to create a successful eDiscovery business. KLD’s Franchise Program solves this dilemma by serving as the ideal incubator for both seasoned business owners and the next generation of legal technology entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves. With its full technology stack including the Nebula Ecosystem, Client Portal, ReadySuite, and a full range of other solutions along the EDRM, KLDiscovery franchisees have a unique opportunity to seize a larger portion of the significant US eDiscovery marketplace.


eDiscovery Market Growth Drivers

icon Data Volume & Format Proliferation
Technology innovation has resulted in growing volumes of data, different types of file formats for eDiscovery, as well as expansion in device types and storage media.
icon Globalisation & Cross-border Matters
Ongoing globalisation has increased business operations and legal complexity, creating country-specific regulations that customers must comply with, thus driving matter volume and complexity.
icon Regulatory Changes
Evolving regulations, particularly around data privacy, are expected to make legal and compliance requirements more onerous, with higher potential downside for non-compliance.

Why KLDiscovery is the ideal franchise partner.

As a global leader of data management, information governance, eDiscovery, and advisory services solutions, KLDiscovery has a proven business model that leverages a global footprint, best of breed end-to-end technology throughout the EDRM and 24x7x365 client service.

After significant investments in its proprietary technology over the past 10 years, corporate business systems, and repeatable and scalable cloud-based operational and project management work flow solutions, the company has created a point-of-entry for qualified eDiscovery entrepreneurs and companies in adjacent businesses to immediately take advantage of the company’s proven systems and business model to grow their eDiscovery footprint.

Key Drivers for Franchisee Success


Our technology stack is mature and complete, including the Nebula Ecosystem, Client Portal, ReadySuite, and a full range of services along the EDRM.

Our technology empowers franchisees to go after a larger share of the global eDiscovery marketplace, accessing recurring revenue to grow profits. Our services are equally far-reaching and empower franchisees to solve clients' complex data challenges, virtually anywhere around the world.

Nebula Ecosystem
Nebula Ecosystem

End-to-end eDiscovery and information governance platform purpose-built to manage enterprise data.

Digital AI brain.
Nebula AI

Technology assisted review tools include predictive coding, email threading, near-duplicate detection, language identification, and machine translation.

Man working on KLDiscovery Client Portal.
Client Portal™

On-Demand business intelligence, analytics, and budgeting tools providing complete visibility, insights, and control over the Franchise owners entire portfolio of matters. From the 1st project onboarded onto the KLD franchise platform, the Franchise owner and their client have access to real time to all important case information, budget attainment and invoicing data.

ReadySuite on laptop.

An easy-to-use eDiscovery tool with functionality that empowers you to view, modify, and validate load files while performing extensive QC on a production, normalising inbound submissions, and spot checking the work of a colleague or supplier.

eDiscovery production.
eDiscovery Data Processing

KLD’s proprietary processing engine provides Franchise owners industry leading processing and data throughout, extraordinary capacity to handle a multitude of projects and project data sizes, custom deduplication methodology, and comprehensive reporting options.

Relativity on laptop.

In 2006, KLDiscovery became the first tech enabled service provider to license Relativity.Today, KLD offers its Franchise owners access to Relativity plus a suite of proprietary award-winning Relativity enhancements.

Document review attorney.
Remote Document Review

Flexible and secure document review solution including secure virtual desktops, strict confidentiality and information security policies, and technical safeguards.

Forensic engineers working.
/ Collections

Computer forensics and sound data collection are in our DNA. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and the latest technical and legal developments.

Existing Business Owner?
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Many existing organisations, such as those focused on computer forensics, scanning and reprographics, cyber incident response, and language translation, encounter numerous eDiscovery opportunities each year.

Many times, these adjacent businesses have to turn work away due to a lack of capability and expertise necessary to successfully support these types of engagements. Through KLDiscovery’s Franchise Program, you are provided with a solution to attract more clients through the network of one of the largest and most well respected eDiscovery companies in the world.

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Our Franchise Program offers a low cost, remote or in-office business model that franchisees can quickly get up and running. With no specialized equipment to purchase, no real estate fees, and no construction necessary, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to quickly turn their relationships into business opportunities after starting the business and successfully completing training.

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