Our Culture of Innovation

KLDiscovery has built, tested and introduced some of the finest software in the industry spanning the entire EDRM, backed by our fanatical ‘white glove’ customer service.

Meanwhile, our competition depends on a daisy chain of licenced, third party tools - ultimately limiting their offering and pricing flexibility.


Battle-Tested Ecosystem

KLDiscovery’s proprietary software and solutions collect, process and host millions of files for our clients everyday.


More Value for Our Customers

Providing our clients a seamless experience, more choices and competitive global pricing.


Leading the Industry in New Technology

KLDiscovery has the flexibility to create custom solutions for clients and quickly respond to the evolving needs of the legal market.

KLDiscovery’s Exclusive Technology


End-to-end eDiscovery management in a single tool, Nebula is a powerful combination of capability and simplicity. Designed to be both straightforward and familiar, Nebula minimises the learning curve while ensuring critical information is easily accessible and readily available.

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Nebula software interface.


Comprehensive functionality and advanced technology combine all the features and tools you need within one seamless interface, eliminating the need for third-party plugins or partially integrated applications. Includes Native Spreadsheet Redaction, A/V Suite, AutoRedaction and PrivLog Builder®.

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Nebula A/V software interface.

Nebula AI

A full range of eDiscovery analytics tools combined with a deep bench of human expertise to help you get the most out of your solution, including Predictive Coding with Continuous Active Learning (CAL), Workflow, Email Threading, Near-duplicates, Language Identification and Natural Language Processing.

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Nebula AI interface.

Remote Collection Manager (RCMgr®)

Self-collection software that allows end-users and IT professionals alike to easily perform forensically-sound collections of hard drives, loose files and email servers – effortlessly and defensibly.

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Nebula Processing

KLDiscovery uses a proprietary processing application that is fast, robust and propels your processing to new levels. Because we can simultaneously deploy multiple instances of our application, we can process massive amounts of data in a fraction of the time required with other applications.

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Exodus software interface.


Pre-culling can be performed within our Adventus tool, which extracts data from forensic images and provides reporting to identify custodian/source, date, file type, file size, and any exceptions encountered. This information is provided to clients, where further analysis and culling can be performed prior to the data moving into the processing environment.

Adventus software interface.