Warm up to unbundling

04 February 2015 by Adrienn Toth

The winter chill has enveloped the countryside; yet, I find myself unbundling . . . apparently, I’m not alone.

With increased focus on costs and budgeting and with some studies showing the review of documents topping 70% of total spend for discovery/disclosure, it’s no wonder that companies and law firms are looking for ways to reduce review expenditures whilst maintaining quality in this new economic reality.

One method frequently cited is predictive coding. Predictive coding enables dramatic cost savings over traditional linear review. Our clients have taken notice, and now a majority are using some level of predictive coding on their matters.

This should not imply that linear review is entirely replaceable. After properly scoping and collaborating with our clients, we often recommend linear review in coordination with predictive coding and other advanced tools.

Understanding the high spend for traditional linear review, our clients asked us to develop a more cost-effective way of conducting reviews. Building on our tradition of excellence in the U.S., we brought our Managed Review Services to Europe paying particular attention to the unique challenges posed by the differing legal systems, data privacy laws and regulations, cultures, and languages. We took a fresh look at how holistic reporting could lead to in-project review efficiency gains, we established standardised yet flexible quality control procedures to support a high-level of review accuracy, and we leveraged the expertise of our entire Kroll Ontrack team to provide a seamless experience across the EDRM.

We’ve previously written about our Managed Review Services, and for the last several months, we’ve received tremendous feedback from our clients. A key reason for this success is our focus on professionalism, quality-of-life, and merit-based retention for the review lawyers. Here are a few of their comments:

‘It has been a real enjoyment to work with Kroll Ontrack.’

‘So far I have highly appreciated the cooperation with Kroll Ontrack based on transparency and trust. Your promise from the very first day of the review has been met. This gives you a good competitive advantage compared to the other agencies I have worked with for the past two years.’

‘The meet-and-greet event was a wonderful experience; it was great to get in touch with the management team and to meet other colleagues.’

‘I have to say you are the nicest team in the business, and I wish Kroll Ontrack every success!’

We would be delighted for you to discover our new Managed Review Centre located inside our warm and toasty European headquarters in central London, so please reach out to us at docreview@krollontrack.co.uk, and make sure you unbundle-up out there!