Man and Machine: Power Extreme!

28 October 2014 by Daniel Kavan

I used to watch a lot of TV as a child and had lots of great 1980’s action cartoons to choose from. American classics such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man and M.A.S.K. were all appealing to a boy like me, but one of my particular favourites was The Centurions. Did you ever watch it?

Although it didn’t bother me as a ten year old, looking back, I don’t know why they were called Centurions, given that there were only three of them (five in later episodes). That point aside, the show was fantastic!

The heroes wore specially designed exo-frames which allowed high tech weaponry to be bolted onto their bodies, in order to battle the evil Doc Terror and his drones.

The technology was awesome and the weapons very powerful. But what gets my attention now is that despite the sheer power of the technology available to the team, the show emphasises the expertise of the people underneath. The skills and experience of the heroes is what really counts.

Max Ray is a brilliant sea operations Commander, Jake Rockwell is a rugged land operations specialist and Ace McCloud is a daring air operations expert. Without this kind of expertise, the weaponry that enables them to fight evil would be nowhere near as effective.

As a technologist, I believe that the technology Kroll Ontrack supplies to its clients also allows them to be extremely effective in their legal work. The powerful tools in Review allow lawyers to conduct review exercises like never before. Our predictive coding, repeatedly voted by the industry as the best on the market (see New York Law Journal Award and National Law Journal Award), not only allows lawyers to get through documents at lightning speeds, but also allows them to cull tens of thousands of irrelevant documents from review and prioritise key documents which need to be seen first.

But, as with the Centurions, none of this technology is any good without the right people to drive it. Lawyers are not becoming obsolete. In fact, our predictive coding technology depends on legal experts to train it thoroughly on the case at hand. Our review platform brings “hot documents” to the lawyers’ attention, but they must make the complex decision on how that impacts the case. Combine this with brilliant Kroll Ontrack specialists to guide the legal experts on how to get the most out of the technology, to harness the real power.

We feel that despite our high tech legal “weaponry,” people are the key to success. This is one of the reasons we are expanding our human review capabilities by expanding our team and building our London review centre. Now our clients not only have Kroll Ontrack experts to advise on how to drive the technology, but also brilliant specialists to conduct the review, harnessing their experience using the technology.

With Kroll Ontrack consultancy, review services and the Review platform, our clients now have access to the right combination of man and machine: power extreme!