Flying High on Kroll Ontrack Airways

19 September 2014 by Daniel Kavan

Last week I travelled to Hungary on Wizz Air, a low cost airline specialising in destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. Normally I like to travel with British Airways but on this occasion, for various reasons, I chose to stray from the norm.

As I stood among stag parties in a long queue on the tarmac of Budapest airport in a cold shed which was pretending to be a departure lounge but was really more of a holding pen, I reflected the on differences between airlines. I likened airlines to ediscovery providers and decided that Kroll Ontrack is the British Airways of the ediscovery world. Let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion.

As with British Airways, our customers often have the perception that our premium service comes with an expensive price tag. This isn't necessarily true. I've often found that British Airways fares can be very competitive against the likes of easyJet, RyanAir and Wizz Air, and in the same way, our clients are often been pleasantly surprised at how competitive a Kroll Ontrack quote can actually be.

But it's when you take into account the hidden costs, that this analogy really rings true. When you choose a low cost carrier, the overall cost of the flight can be more expensive than using a full service airline, once you take into account the cost of getting to and from a remote airport, paying extra to check in your bag, paying for priority boarding and of course paying for the customary gin and tonic and sandwich on the flight. On a full service airline, all of these things tend to come included in the price of the ticket. In the same way, at Kroll Ontrack we price our services on an all-inclusive basis, where you won't find yourself paying for unexpected extras such as user licence fees for extra additional users that need to access our document review tool or additional technology fees to utilise predictive coding functionality. No surprises!

So next time you're about to contact your no frills ediscovery provider, why not at least see what Kroll Ontrack can offer? You may well find a quote to suit your budget and find yourself flying to ediscovery success in club class!