Autumn Ediscovery News: New Solutions and Education for Companies

04 October 2013 by Adrienn Toth

We are very excited this week to announce the launch of in-country ediscovery processing capabilities in Germany and France as well as Ontrack® Onsite™, a self-contained ediscovery solution that can be deployed onsite to any country.  Many of our European clients have grappled for a long time with data protection laws that restrict data transfers in cross-border cases and increase the complexity, cost and risk associated with ediscovery. We have also seen data security and the protection of intellectual property become more important to companies as cyber attacks, data breaches and surveillance become a day to day reality.  As our President and CEO, Dean Hager notes in our press release issued on 1 October, we are addressing these needs head on with flexible solutions that allow data to be processed either in country in Germany and France, in addition to already established data centre hubs in the U.S., U.K. or Japan, or behind a company’s own firewall when data cannot leave its premises.  If you would like further information about these new capabilities you can read our press release or give us a call.

Coinciding with the announcement we are also launching a complimentary webinar programme in EMEA in which we will be examining the management of electronically stored evidence from the point of view of corporate counsel in Europe and some of key issues which arise.

In our first webinar on 8 October on Data Control: Ediscovery Solutions for European Companies we will look at how to manage company data in litigation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations when security, confidentiality and compliance with data protection laws are of paramount importance.

We have on our panel:

Christian Kuss, Associate, IT, Copyright and Data Protection Law, Luther, Cologne

Mark Surguy, Partner, Fraud and Investigations Group, Eversheds, Birmingham

Thomas Sely, Electronic Evidence Consultant, Kroll Ontrack, Paris

Andrew Szczech, Director for EMEA, Kroll Ontrack, London (Moderator)

The panel will be discussing the reasons clients choose to process data in country or onsite, whether that be due to data protection and privacy laws or concern about data security.  We will also be looking into solutions such as behind the firewall ediscovery solutions, in country solutions and other legal mechanisms for handling data protection restrictions on cross-border data transfers and client concerns about confidentiality.  This intended to be a practical session and our speakers will share experiences in an area where the law is often grey and client’s appetite for risk varies.

In our next two webinars we will be hosting discussions on the following:

22 October - Ediscovery - What In-house Counsel Need to Know - what companies need to do to ensure that costs, risks and response times are reduced when responding to formal demands on company information such as discovery requests in litigation, compliance checks, due diligence or regulatory requests.

5 November - The Changing Face of Data Theft – what new risks companies face due to advances in technology such as the use of mobile devices, cloud storage and social media by employees and how to respond forensically