ReadySuite 7 Release

donderdag 18 maart 2021 door KLD Team


The latest version of ReadySuite™, our innovative solution for managing and editing load files and production sets, is now available for download! Please update to benefit from the newest eDiscovery scripts, performance improvements, and increased stability, including:

  • Scriptable Fields: Introducing a new scripting method in ReadySuite – you can now create scripted fields with data values generated by a new type of script. (Learn More)
  • Chained Scripts: Run two or more scripts together using our new chained script technology. You’ll have the option to set the order of scripts, provide settings for each script with custom options, and view and save reports from each script.
  • Script Packs: When creating a chained script, you can save the script selection and any options/settings into a Script Pack file. Script Packs enable you to re-open the script selection for reuse, sharing with a colleague, or having a thoroughly defined and reproducible workflow in ReadySuite. (Learn More)
Existing customers with an active subscription can upgrade for free. To learn more about increasing efficiency when managing load files and production sets, please visit