You Asked, We Delivered: A User Interface That Truly Feels Second Nature

Nebula provides an intuitive yet powerful platform that distinguishes itself in both functionality and user experience, providing smarter ways to analyse, process, review and manage large data sets.

A Powerful Combination of Capability and Simplicity

Our workflow accelerators and proprietary software eliminate the need for third-party plugins or partially integrated applications, providing everything you need in a single tool.

Predictive Coding


Award-winning, patented technology that leverages human expertise to drive results. Predictive Coding with Continuous Active Learning combines user decisions and random sampling to immediately and continuously prioritise important documents for review.

Native Spreadsheet Redaction


Redact content from within Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet files without the need to convert to TIFF images. Options for redactions include removal of rows, columns, worksheets, formulas, cells and standard text redactions.

A/V Suite


Simplify the review of multimedia files with A/V Suite. Nebula enables you to view video files, visualise audio files and have total playback control. With Nebula, you can also easily redact and produce audio files – something no other review platform can provide.



Protect sensitive information and streamline the redaction process with an automated approach. Find and redact personally identifiable information, privileged content and other delicate information.

KLD Analytics


With Email threading and Near-duplicates text analytics, you can identify the most content-inclusive messages to avoid redundant review and group similar records for a quicker review.


Automate the routing and distribution of documents to streamline document review and maximise accuracy and defensibility.

Nebula User Interface

Refreshingly Simple Design

Created to be both straightforward and familiar, Nebula minimises the learning curve while ensuring critical information is easily accessible and readily available.


Browse all documents, custodians, tags and productions within one convenient interface.


Custom code multiple workflows to ensure the right documents get to the right reviewer.


Powerful culling capabilities minimise the review set while providing timely insight.


Display the information that is most important to your review, including the quantity of documents in workflow, under review and produced.


Easily drag files into Nebula from your computer or browse from a hosted folder with previously staged data.

Your Choice of Data Hosting

Nebula Private Cloud

Nebula provides the flexibility to be hosted in ISO/IEC 27001- certified data centres or within the Microsoft Azure cloud, offering scalability and rapid deployment to meet your unique needs. Clients can also keep data on-site with NPC, allowing for powerful processing, filtering and analysis without the need to transfer data outside the company or across borders.

eDiscovery Evolved

Discover how Nebula brings a fresh perspective to established technology with improved flexibility and control.

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