Great news!

We've created a special distribution list so we can get the images and videos to the right people. Please click here to open a new email with the email address auto-populated, but if that doesn't work you can also try to send directly to

As a reminder, the marketing team is collecting:

  • 1 selfie photo from each member of the KLD family.
  • 1 short video about “what the KLD purpose-driven statement means to you” from as many as possible.

A few notes before you attach your files:

  • Name your files as: first initial_last name. So for example, Kathy Rogers would be k_rogers.jpg or k_rogers.png depending on the file type.
  • The attachment limit for this inbox is 35 MB or less, so you may need to send more than one email.
  • Using a cell phone to create the images and videos will work great for marketing!

Once you’ve submitted your files via email to the distribution list, you’re all done. Thanks again for your help, and we’re looking forward to sharing the finished product with the KLD team soon.