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Predictive  Coding – Leon Major
Monday, November 25, 2019 9:30 am GMT Time (London, GMT)

KLDiscovery´s Predictive Coding with Continous Active Learning technology is an award-winning, patented technology that learns from user decisions to make reliable predictions about the content of document sets of any size, reducing the time and cost required for legal review in all types of document review matters.

In this webinar you will find out how to quickly and easily use this technology to achieve a greater levels of quality control in your teams’ work, greater speed in identifying key documents and greater accuracy in filtering and culling datasets of any size. We’ll also look at what to expect in predictive coding for 2020.

  • Training the algorithm – How quickly and how easily can you start to see results?
  • Quality assured – Can the algorithm spot coding errors within your team’s work?
  • The death of deadlines – Could you finish ahead of the deadline every time?
  • Better than keywords – How much better could your searches be with predictive coding?
  • Did we miss something? – Can you trust the system when you end the review early?

Targeting: In-house lawyers, compliance officers, lawyers in competition.

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Leon Major

Leon Major
Solutions Architect

Leon Major has over 10 years of experience in advising top law firms and their clients in the use of advanced technology for the effective management of ediscovery projects in litigation, arbitration and internal or regulatory investigations.

Leon has considerable experience using Technology Assisted Review techniques, machine learning and Predictive Coding in reviews and investigations in jurisdictions around the world.

During the last 12 years Leon has managed teams of Ediscovery Consultants and Strategic Review Consultants who support KLDiscovery’s clients in using all proprietary and third-party review tools to ensure the most effective use of the latest ediscovery technologies and techniques.

In his current role as a Solutions Architect, Leon advises internal and external teams on the most effective strategies and use of technology in complex, advanced and sensitive matters and is a regular speaker and presenter on specialist topics such as ‘Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers’.

Computer Forensics & Data Collection – Julian Sheppard
Date & Time

Without a sound forensic collection, critical electronic evidence may be missed, inadvertently altered or otherwise rendered inadmissible. This can expose your business to legal complications, unreliable evidence, financial loss and/or reputational damage.
Each year, KLDiscovery regularly collects data from over 100 different countries. As a result, our experts possess deep experience with country-specific discovery laws and customs. With offices across the globe, our data collection experts can be on the ground quickly, wherever your data is located.

Our forensics experts employ the most modern and standardized techniques to carefully and accurately identify, preserve and extract critical evidence. This includes the implementation of a strict “chain of custody” procedure, audit trail and adherence to all region-specific evidence handling procedures throughout the handling of the data.
Learn how to (re-)act to protect your companies reputation in case of

  • Commercial / Employment disputes
  • IP or data theft cases
  • Data breaches
  • Computer misuse
  • Fraud
  • Criminal investigations

You will also learn about forensic collections and how to do them yourself without missing or altering any critical electronic evidence.

Targeting: Legal Counsel, Data Protection officers, CCOs, IT Managers, HR

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Julian Sheppard
Vice President, Global Forensic Services

Julian Sheppard is the Vice President, Global Forensic Services, at KLDiscovery and leads the team of 45 forensic consultants located in 11 countries globally. Aside from the dynamic and complex nature of coordinating data collection and onsite data filtering requirements throughout EMEA & globally on a day-to-day basis, Julian’s role is to conduct and provide expert guidance in investigations ranging from high profile criminal prosecutions, to the complete range of disciplinary and civil litigation cases.

Julian has extensive experience with a broad spectrum of criminal and data breach investigations, computer security compliance and auditing. With a counter-intelligence background specialising in information systems and document security, he is trained and certified in digital forensic examination techniques by various government, local and international law enforcement agencies.

Prior to joining KLDiscovery, Julian spent 22 years serving as a member of the Royal Air Force Police within the SIB Computer Forensics Unit and dealing with indigenous military and civilian police investigations. Since leaving the military Julian has worked as a digital forensic specialist working on several high-profile criminal cases for law enforcement, as well as civil cases. Julian has experience presenting in court as an expert witness and is an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE). He also holds NUIX and Certified Ethical Hacking certifications.

Legal Review / Managed Document Review Services – Richard English
Date & Time

Document review is one of the most arduous components of legal discovery. At KLDiscovery, we have developed advanced document review processes and tools – plus the best review professionals in the industry – to deliver defensible results on time and under budget.

We offer 12 ISO certified document review centers around the globe, including 3 in Europe, flexible teams of experienced and qualified legal professionals for any type of case, and best of breed reporting and project management tools to deliver results that meet the needs of the project.

Subscribe to our webinar and learn how regardless of language, volume of documents or timeline, KLDiscovery can help guide your review process every step of the way saving review time and meeting your budget requirements.

Targeting: Law firms, In-house Counsel, Data Privacy Officers, eDiscovery departments

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Richard English
Senior Review Manager, EMEA

Richard joined KLDiscovery as a Review Manager in September 2016, and now serves as Senior Review Manager for the EMEA region. In this role Richard oversees the delivery of managed review projects directly, as well as the management of the Advanced Review Services team members for the EMEA region.

Since joining KLDiscovery, Richard has managed over 90 document review projects across a wide range of matters including litigation, regulatory/internal investigations, second requests, data breach incident responses, DSARs, and contract data extraction.  Projects have ranged from brief engagements over a handful of days, to large-scale reviews spanning >12 months. No matter the nature of the project, Richard places a strong emphasis on client-satisfaction and transparency throughout the delivery of the review.

Richard is a South African qualified attorney (solicitor) and prior to joining KLDiscovery spent 2 years working in the compliance industry in-house at Rolls-Royce Plc.

NPC - Onsite ediscovery behind your firewall – Gina Bieber
Date & Time

NPC was developed to help solve the many data privacy and logistical complexities associated with internal investigations, white-collar crimes, global fraud investigations, and cross-border litigation.

Measuring roughly the size of a carry-on suitcase, NPC is a portable solution that allows powerful processing, filtering and analysis without the need to transfer data outside the company or across borders.

In this webinar you will also learn how to use Nebula Private Cloud for data preservation, data remediation and records management.

  • Identify data according to legal hold or business-use relevance
  • Index and analyze data to be retained in preservation repositories
  • Isolate data for deletion, redaction or amendment
  • Dispose of flagged data defensibly
  • Test the effectiveness of records retention practices

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Giba Bieber
Senior Consultant, Onsite Solutions

Gina joined KLD in November 2015. Prior to KLD, Gina worked for AMLAW 100 Law Firms in the USA for over 15 years working in eDiscovery. At KLD Gina took on the role of Senior Consultant, Onsite solutions, bringing the EDRM model directly to our clients, onsite, in country and behind the firewall. Gina works primarily with onsite projects and has managed projects in over 12 countries throughout EMEA as well as consulted on many others worldwide. She has BA from George Washington University and MBA from Pepperdine University in the USA.

Responding to Data Subject Access Requests – Jasper van Dooren
Date & Time

Is your organization receiving voluminous Data Subject Access request that are taking up valuable resources internally? In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Locate relevant information inhouse efficiently
  • Isolate data pertaining only to the requester
  • Review the data quickly maximising legal technologies
  • Search for and redact sensitive info
  • Produce the data before the deadline

Targeting: employment lawyers, HR, Compliance Officers, DPOs, in-house counsel

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Jasper Van Dooren
Business Development Manager

Jasper van Dooren is a Business Development Manager within the Legal Technologies department at KLDiscovery in the UK. His role is to advise lawyers and their clients on how to effectively manage electronically stored documents in litigation, arbitration, and internal or regulatory investigations.

Jasper provides consultancy and training to assist clients with the identification, preservation, collection and analysis of potential evidence in document intensive cases. Jasper advises clients on strategies and techniques to help lawyers deploy technology efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as assisting them in the design of practical workflow processes and the selection of the technical solutions required to fulfill these goals.

Jasper is fluent in English and Dutch, and holds a Batchelor of Laws (LLB) and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree, from the University of Utrecht, with research focuses on the Dutch Bankruptcy Act and the implementation of the European Copyright Act into Dutch Privacy Law.