23 August 2016

Kroll Ontrack streamlines the review of communication data in Relativity with the launch of Advanced Thread View

Advanced Thread View provides a powerful review workflow for email, making the review process easier and more insightful

MINNEAPOLIS, MNAugust 23, 2016 – Today, Kroll Ontrack released Advanced Thread View, a new application within Relativity that combines an intuitive view of email conversations with powerful visual cues to help users more efficiently review communication data to draw immediate insight. This release focuses on email data, with forthcoming releases allowing users to review Bloomberg chat, transcribed audio, video and social media data.

“Innovators at heart, Kroll Ontrack continues to take advantage of Relativity’s customizable platform by developing useful applications that save time, reduce costs and promote accuracy,” said John Grancarich, vice president of product management, Kroll Ontrack. “Previously, we developed award-winning nearline technology to reduce active storage costs and integrated an assisted redaction tool that brings efficiency to the tedious task of redacting sensitive information individually. In its first release, Communication Insight will deliver quick insight and ease when reviewing communication data.”

Traditional email threading has lacked a visual layout for analyzing communication streams, particularly email, making it challenging to visually identify patterns or gain quick insight. Advanced Thread View in Kroll Ontrack’s offering of Relativity solves those challenges by providing functionality and familiar visual representation of communication data. Through a logical display of conversation data and dynamic visual cues, reviewers can quickly make decisions and focus their review.

“Digital conversation is at the heart of nearly every professional and personal interaction, making email, chat, video, social media and other communication streams of growing importance in legal review,” said Wendy King, Relativity product director, Kroll Ontrack. “Our clients have been telling us, ‘We need a way to look at email communications that clearly shows the flow of conversation. By building Advanced Thread View, we are bringing together entire conversations between parties in a logical visual representation, so our clients can easily discover what is important in their data.”

Advanced Thread View simplifies email analytics and visualization to help users find the information they need to know and take informed action. For example, users can:

  • Sort on the number of inclusive emails to determine the email conversations with the most volume and eliminate the need to review every email in the thread
  • Leverage clear visual cues to easily and efficiently determine if a specific person replied to an email
  • Use name normalization to associate multiple, different email addresses or differently formatted email addresses with one name or person

Added King, “Clients have been raving about Communication Insight during beta testing. One client sees this application as really speeding up review and another is thrilled to finally be able to see the entire conversation thread in an intuitive way to help make decisions.”

Advanced Thread View also helps review teams reduce coding discrepancies across conversation groups. Strong visual cues note coding decisions – responsive, non-responsive and privilege – allowing users to spot inconsistencies prior to production without initiating a full search.

“Advanced Thread View enables legal teams to piece together important conversations that might yield insight during litigation or an investigation. This new application brings a familiar visual experience to the review of email conversations while providing simple yet powerful analytics,” said Grancarich.

For more information on the Advanced Thread View application in Kroll Ontrack’s offering of Relativity, please visit: http://www.ediscovery.com/solutions/relativity/advanced-thread-view/

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